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Understanding Snoring: Treatment and Risks in Casper WY

An estimated 80 million people in North America snore.

Taking into account the snorer’s spouse and children, as many as 160 million people are negatively affected by snoring. Snoring is a problem that affects 67% of adults. It is conservatively estimated over 120 million people in the United States snore every night.  Snoring not only interrupts your sleep cycle, it can also be a symptom of a condition called Sleep Apnea.

Snoring is the sound you make when your breathing is blocked while you are asleep. The sound is caused by tissues at the top of your airway that strike each other and vibrate. Snoring is common, especially among older people and those who are considered overweight. When severe, snoring can cause frequent awakenings at night and daytime sleepiness. It can also disrupt your bed partner’s sleep. Furthermore, snoring can be a sign of a serious sleep disorder called Sleep Apnea.  If you are often tired during the day, don’t feel that you sleep well, or wake up gasping, please consider reaching out to us at RestfulSleep – 307.265.3595.

To reduce snoring and the risk of Sleep Apnea consider:

  • Losing weight, if you are overweight – this may help, but thin people can snore, too.
  • Cutting down or avoiding alcohol and other sedatives at bedtime.
  • Avoiding sleeping flat on your back.
  • In and of itself, snoring is not thought to be a health problem, but not only may it indicate the more serious disorder of Sleep Apnea, some studies have associated Heavy Snoring as a Cause of Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis and Stroke. Study Conclusions: Considering the high prevalence of snoring, these findings have substantial public health implications for the management of carotid artery atherosclerosis. Sleep 2008:31(9)1207-12-13.

It is important to also know that treating snoring alone can create what is called a “Silent Apneic Condition” in which there is a false sense of positive results once the snoring stops. Treating Snoring alone should never be done without first being tested for the more dangerous Sleep Apnea!

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