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Your Guide to CPAP Alternatives for Sleep Apnea in Casper WY


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Whole You offers a variety of Sleep Appliances for those suffering with  Sleep Apnea dependent upon the different conditions they present with clinically.     A welcome alternative to CPAP that is covered by most medical insurance plans.  Some appliances are also covered by Medicare making them not only effective but affordable.   Link To Appliance Selection Chart Below.



A SomnoDent sleep apnea oral appliance is a premium, custom-fitted oral device developed for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. It is an effective, easy-to-use alternative to CPAP therapy for those with mild to moderate OSA. When wearing it, your lower jaw (mandible) will be moved forward into a comfortable position, allowing the tissues at the back of your throat to relax, and ensuring the base of your tongue does not collapse and block your airway.


Oral appliances for the treatment of sleep apnea continue to increase in popularity as awareness grows amongst the public that oral appliances are an effective first line treatment for many sleep apnea sufferers. Over 100 different oral appliances are FDA approved for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. These appliances are worn in the mouth, just like a sports mouth guard or an orthodontic appliance, while you sleep. Oral appliances hold the lower jaw forward just enough to keep the airway open and  prevent the tongue and muscles in the upper airway from collapsing and blocking the airway. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has approved oral appliance therapy (OAT) as a first line treatment for patients diagnosed with mild to moderate OSA. The AASM also recommends oral appliances for patients with severe OSA, who are unable to tolerate or cannot wear CPAP devices. Another option for people with severe OSA is combination therapy (wearing CPAP and an oral appliance together) to help reduce the pressure on a CPAP machine, making it more comfortable to use.  For more on Combination Therapy click the link below or watch the video below on    CPAP Alernatives From  Whole You !!!!  

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A Better Way To Treat Sleep Apnea For The “Whole You” ?

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