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Casper WY: Sleep Apnea Clinical Trial Opportunity

Sleep Appliance Offer

10 patient clinical trial

I urge you to read the following – if not for yourself for someone you know that may benefit from this opportunity. If you know someone that may be interested in this one time offer please share as participants do not need to be a present patient in our office to qualify. This post although too lengthy for some, will not be enough for those that suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing. For more information please call 307-265-3595 or learn more about Sleep Apnea at www.jbouzis.com.

Love your CPAP as many people do because it improves many qualities of your health? If so then continue its use. If however, you are one of the 50% of patients that discontinue its use after the first year or one of the 83% that discontinue therapy after five years then Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) in many situations is as effective at treating Sleep Apnea as CPAP. Both the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine recommend OAT as the first choice of treatment in mild to moderate cases of Sleep Apnea and for those that are CPAP intolerant and unable to wear their prescribed therapy. OAT therapy can also be an alternative when traveling, camping or in those situations where patients are able to wear their CPAP but find it an inconvenience out of the home. It is estimated that 20% of adults have Sleep Apnea yet it still remains 90% undiagnosed and even when properly diagnosed it is not often treated successfully due to the many challenges of CPAP therapy compliance. As a result we all know someone who has sleep apnea even if they have yet to be diagnosed. Diagnosis either at a sleep lab or through a sleep study in the convenience of your home may save a life – perhaps your own! Below are listed some of the related health problems for those suffering with Sleep Apnea:

Ø 80% of those with Drug-Resistant Hypertension have OSA.
Ø 77% of the Severely Obese have OSA.
Ø 73% of those with Congestive Heart Failure have OSA.
Ø 72% of those with Type 2 Diabetes have OSA.
Ø 50% of those with Atrial Fibrillation have OSA.
Ø 35% of all Hypertensive patients have OSA.
Ø 30% of those with Coronary Artery Disease have OSA.
Ø 30% of those with Angina have OSA.
Ø 68% of those that have had a Stroke have OSA.
Ø 58% of those with Depression have OSA.
Ø 60% of those with Metabolic Syndrome have OSA.

According to one study those with no sleep apnea have a 96 % chance of living an additional 18 years while those with the most moderate form of severe sleep apnea have only a 57% chance of doing the same. The more severe the sleep apnea the more years that are taken exponentially off your life. If you suspect you or someone you know is at risk we can help you easily get diagnosed.

Call RestfulSleep at 265-3595 to see if you are a candidate for the study or if you simply want to find out if you have the disease itself.

The first 10 qualifying patients will receive oral appliance therapy at a 50% or more cost savings. This is a limited one time offer. Call Dr. John L. Bouzis at 307-265-3595 for details and to find out if you qualify for the trial. You do not need to be a dental patient in our practice and in fact we work with your other health care providers, medical and dental, to coordinate your care.

A copy of your sleep study is required or for those that have yet to be diagnosed we can arrange an at home sleep test. Qualification for participation will depend on the results of your sleep study, the conditions of your oral anatomy, a no charge clinical exam and naturally your overall desire to participate in your health. In other words we will do our part – participants will have to do theirs.

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