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Hate Your CPAP ?

You are not the only one that is not thrilled about wearing their prescribed CPAP.  It has been reported that after one year 50% of users have failed CPAP and after five years that number jumps to 83%. It is a difficult enough therapy that a person is actually considered compliant if they just wear the device 4 hours a night – 7 out of 10 nights.  Several of the problems with CPAP can be better managed with what is termed Combination Therapy.


Combination Therapy – Benefits

Combination Therpy is typically described as a CPAP attached to an Oral Appliance.  Tthis can allow the oral appliance itself to be more comfortable since the lower jaw is not required to be as far advanced.  In turn it allows the CPAP to be more comfortable because not only is the CPAP attached to the Oral Appliance but this process allows the CPAP pressure to be turned down – the best of both worlds so to speak!  Importantly, not only does this combination provide comfort and better compliance it also allows more difficult cases to be treated more successfully.  Additionally, since Obstructive Sleep Apnea can be sleep posture related combination therapy blends well with what we call Positional Therapy.  Below find a more complete description of how this approach may fit you needs.  Those of us at RestfulSleep do not view your health as delivering one particular therapy vs. another but rather what ever it takes to provide you the health outcomes you deserve – what ever it takes, what ever choice is made – we are on the same team. 




Now that you have a better understanding of Oral Appliance Therapy as it relates to Combination Therapy please click CPAP Therapy Benifits as we, in every thing we do, want to leave no stone unturned in providing you health outcomes.



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