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Hate Your CPAP? Alternatives in Casper WY Await!

Do not feel special – You Are Not Alone In Hating Your CPAP.  There are studies that say after one year near 50% of users have discontinued treatment and after five years 83% have become non-compliant.  The most important issue is not how your Sleep Disordered Breathing is treated but rather that we find a way to get it treated that works for your individual circumstance.  Oral Appliances most often fill that need but a process termed Combination Therapy can also effectively help…………………………………………………………………..

For those severe cases, where for a variety of reasons CPAP Therapy alone or Oral Appliance Therapy alone will not treat the disease, combination therapy provides additional options.  Wearing CPAP and an Oral Appliance, when combined, allows the pressure on the CPAP machine to be reduced while making it more comfortable to wear.  Combination Therapy Is Oral Appliance Support For Your CPAP that eliminates straps while providing better stability.  Although combination therapy has been a blessing in that it allows us to more successfully treat severe cases it also provides therapy relief for those that are intolerant of mask leaks and just the overall cumbersome feeling of CPAP.  In summary Combination Therapy is for both severe cases and those mild to moderate cases where the patient is CPAP intolerant.

Since our mission at RestFulsleep is not to provide those with Obstructive Sleep Apnea with one therapy over another, but rather to guide our patients in the direction that provides effective treatment; occasionally that means revisiting the world of CPAP options.  To learn more click CPAP FACTS AND HISTORY.


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